We do not generally require a contract for ongoing marketing services. We do strongly encourage clients to allow 3-6 months for clear tangible results based on various campaign factors such as campaign type(s), market competition and budget. We provide a service agreement prior to commencing all projects.
The time for campaigns to become effective can vary dramatically depending on what type of campaigns you’re running. The short answer…1. Pay-per-click campaigns, such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads, can see results as quickly as a week or two; remember there are a ton of variables. 2. SEO and Organic Social campaigns can take 3-6+ months to start seeing results (and sometimes longer in larger, more competitive markets). 3. Traditional campaigns such as TV, Radio and Billboards can take 1-3 months to see tangible results depending on reach and budget.
Television advertising can be more affordable than many think. Certain factors such as placement and saturation can greatly affect the budget. Properly managed campaigns can help you hit the right audience and in turn help you get the best return on investment.
Television advertising still plays a big role in reaching large audiences. It’s true, a growing number of people are no longer watching TV in the traditional sense. The facts are, there are still a huge number of Americans who watch TV. Our approach is to reach audiences across all platforms.
As an agency, we’ve worked with a wide variety of software and management platforms. We generally think it’s best to stick with a client’s tools if they are doing the best job for the client. That said, we’ll analyze each piece of your workflow and will give you our suggestions based on our experience and let you make the decision.
Small websites can be developed in less than a month, larger websites can take 2-3 months and dynamic portals and take anywhere from 4-6 months. Generally, the biggest bottleneck for website projects is developing the content from the client’s side. Once we have the text for the pages, the process moves pretty quick. A redesign of a small active website can be done within a week or two.
Both platforms play an important role in marketing for businesses. The best approach is to understand where your prospective buyers are throughout the buying cycle and create a plan to target them from there.
Many campaigns require onboarding fees due to the extensive amount of time involved to properly set them up. To analyze campaign data, we use quite a few behind-the-scenes tools and softwares to help optimize and grow your campaigns as they age. We also like to do things like keyword and market research before we even begin creating content and creative assets.

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