3 Reasons You Should Be Using Landing Pages.

Well-optimized advertising campaigns have a lot of moving parts. Sure, ad creative and content are vital. But, what happens after someone clicks on your ad can be just as important as the ads themselves.
One of the biggest opportunities we see advertisers miss out on is utilizing landing pages. Oftentimes, ads are simply linked to the homepage or the contact page.
Here are 3 reasons you should be using landing pages for your campaigns.
1. User Experience – Landing pages are created to give users specific information related to the ad or link that they clicked on (Btw…Google loves this, we’ll touch on this later). If someone clicks on an ad for brake repair, they don’t want info about transmission servicing.
2. More Likely to Convert – Landing pages are strategically designed to help users convert. Less clutter and more focus on the lead form or call to action. The whole point of advertising is to drive people to your business or your website. If your website pages aren’t converting, you could be wasting a large portion of your advertising budget.
3. Lower Cost Per Click on Google Ads – Google’s goal is to give users the best user experience possible when someone makes a search query. What this means is they want to give them the best possible answers to their question.
One of the many factors Google bases its search results on is called “Ad Relevance”. The bidding system in Google Ads grade the content of your ad copy and landing page content then creates a relevancy score based on your keywords. Google wants to ensure you’re accurately describing what the person will get if they click through an ad.
The more relevant your ad content and landing pages are to the person’s search query, the higher ad relevancy score Google will give your ad. In turn, this can allow you to win a bid at a lower price, even if you’re competitor has a higher bid.
These are three of the primary reasons you should utilize landing pages for your campaigns. Have questions or want to learn more? Give us a call at 352-895-0834 or email us at [email protected]